Adaptable Leadership
Dr Sue Mitchell

Do you want inspiration and support for your managers, leaders & teams
to thrive through change and uncertainty without stress and
work effectively in a flexible hybrid workplace?
Outcomes: high performance, engagement and wellbeing.
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Adaptable Leadership: Navigating Change and Uncertainty with focus, flexibility and confidence.
Embracing Diversity and Inclusion: Mindset perspectives to raise wellbeing with high performance.

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About Dr Sue Mitchell

Sue is a former evolutionary ecologist and expedition leader who speaks on adaptable leadership for you to work effectively in a flexible agile/hybrid workplace and thrive through change and uncertainty without stress. She is an executive coach and author of “The Authority Guide to Engaging your People”.

Diverse audiences engage with her story-based keynote message: Recognising your human reactions to change and uncertainty gives you the power to take control of your mindset, make wiser choices and set yourself up for success to navigate change and uncertainty. 

Sue’s approach involves understanding and taking control of your mindset & attitudes, giving managers, leaders and teams practical tools to raise wellbeing, engagement AND performance:

– be more positive, confident and resilient

– be more flexible and comfortable with uncertainty and change

– engage people to pull together and raise performance with clarity, focus and flexibility; and

– create diverse, collaborative, high trust and high performing teams with high wellbeing for individuals & the organisation as a whole, even when you have a flexible mix of office and remote work-spaces.

The outcomes of raising engagement and wellbeing are higher staff retention, productivity and prosperity and less stress and absenteeism.

Sue has delivered keynotes, masterclasses and team and leadership development for a wide range of organisations, large and small, local to global, public and private sector. A few include:

Why work with Dr Sue Mitchell?

Sue delivers relevant, content-rich virtual and physical events with clear takeaways that are tailored to your current requirements and can be implemented right away.

Sue shines a mindset lens on leadership, engagement, confidence and resilience so you can bring out the best of yourself and your teams to embrace change and deliver results with high performance and wellbeing (and without burnout!) no matter what happens. Your mindset is your set of attitudes which are the blueprint for your actions and determine your results and outcomes.

… The sailing analogy really stuck with everybody and we kept using it when speaking about our own examples. … Also to pause and take the time to reflect before we take actions, resonated a lot. … In summary, the talk has been a success and you delivered completely on the briefing.” Exec Director HR, Global Pharmaceutical

“We offered our Senior Managers her book “The Authority Guide to Engaging your People”, a concise little book that contains so much good information and addresses the right issues for any leader. What can I say – Sue has impressed me at all levels, as an author, a facilitator, an executive coach.” Athena McEwan, BNP Paribas

Adaptability – the future is now

Dr Sue Mitchell delivering virtual event

Leading through change and uncertainty

Harness the benefits of diversity

See what Sue’s clients say….

Niamh Simms

Niamh Simms

Head of Recoveries at NatWest
Organiser of the “Future is Now” conference.

Sue did an amazing job for us today… it was so inspiring … I get to talk to my neighbour and actually meet some people … it prompted me to really think about myself, how I approach things, and giving me practical tools and tips. I think that’s a huge value add.

Sue did a really confident presentation, it was very tailored to what we wanted for our audience… really well prepared, scoped out everything, well-rehearsed and really easy person to engage with from a planning point of view.

Emma Grant

Emma Grant

Event Producer at
Holyrood Communications

Sue is a fantastic speaker! She spoke at an event I organised around equal gender representation on public boards in May 2018 focusing on ‘Mindset for Resilience and Mental Wellbeing’. She was really engaging and her presentation was very well received by our delegates.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Sue, both in the run up to the event and on the day, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an enthusiastic, passionate and knowledgeable speaker for conferences and events!

Dagmar Smith

Dagmar Smith

Executive Director Human Resources at
Gilead Sciences

I strongly recommend Dr. Sue Mitchell’s talk “Leading through times of uncertainty and change” – the sailing analogy resonated extremely well with the audience of our regional leadership team and the authentic, practical and engaging leadership guidance stuck with them.

More than 8 months later, the topic is more relevant than ever. Hearing our leaders recalling the concepts and messages when faced with current changes and uncertainty is the best evidence that Sue’s inspirational talk had impact and left our leaders with content and experience we can lean on.

Dr Sue Mitchell speaking on adaptable leadership and navigating change and uncertainty
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