See what some of Sue’s clients are saying about working with her at their events and being in the audience.

Dagmar Smith
Executive Director Human Resources, Gilead Sciences

I strongly recommend Dr. Sue Mitchell’s talk “Leading through times of uncertainty and change” – the sailing analogy resonated extremely well with the audience of our regional leadership team and the authentic, practical and engaging leadership guidance stuck with them.

More than 8 months later, the topic is more relevant than ever. Hearing our leaders recalling the concepts and messages when faced with current changes and uncertainty is the best evidence that Sue’s inspirational talk had impact and left our leaders with content and experience we can lean on.

Niamh Simms
Head of Recoveries, NatWest
Co-Chair, Women in Banking and Finance

…it was so inspiring and gave really practical tips. To commit to doing something and come away with an action plan is a huge value add…. It was very tailored to what we wanted for our audience. … really well prepared, scoped out everything, well-rehearsed and really easy person to engage with from a planning point of view …

Joanne Seagrave
Senior Manager, Tesco Bank
Co-Chair, Women in Banking and Finance

Sue’s event at Tesco Bank … had real takeaways … exercises to do the next time you will be in a meeting or doing a presentation so you could really put it into practice….

Christine Craig
Relationship Manager, Bank of Scotland
(previously Lloyds Banking Group)

At Lloyds Banking Group Sue did a session for our relationship managers around Communication for Influence and Impact. Sue ran a really engaging session … about really listening to our clients, and being able to influence through techniques such as storytelling. We got really good feedback from those sessions.

Vicky Zuiderent
Director and co-Founder, Vilo Sky

… she’s able to engage with every single person that’s in the audience. Everybody’s able to find something that totally resonates with them, and finds ways to change your behaviour off the back of it. … Resilience session was really important for me … to get through my challenges…

In terms of organising events…. you’re very much able to tailor it to what your specific needs are. Because she’s so knowledgeable in her content, and she has a really good grasp of how that will work in any scenario that you are presenting…. It’s a really good collaboration with Sue when you are organising your event on the day.

Lorna Prince
Organisation Development Partner, Stirling University

… Sue’s been working with me for over six years. … Sue’s somebody who you can bring in and let her get on with it. She knows what she’s doing which is marvellous from my point of view. You have trust. You have faith. She understands, she gets the culture, get gets the people, and she delivers constantly for us. … You are guaranteed you are going to get good feedback.

Emma Grant
Event Producer, Holyrood Communications

… Sue was really engaging and she really spoke to the message of what we’re trying to put across today. …. she’s always been great at adapting to what I need from her on the day… she was also really helpful in suggesting things that I could do to make the day overall better. … I would really recommend anyone to work with her for anything like this.

Athena McEwan
BNP Paribas

… Building Resilience and mental toughness was a topic very well received. … Sue had some 20 business women up on their feet in no time, interacting and enjoying every moment. Her 4Cs on the High Seas still resonates with me and keeps me sane when change and uncertainty threatens to overwhelm.

… As part of one of our leadership programmes at work, we offered our senior managers her book The Authority Guide to Engaging Your People, a concise little book that contains so much good information and addresses the right issues for any leader.

… I would recommend having a conversation with Sue to anyone interested in mental toughness, concerned about raising performance and wellbeing of their staff or wanting to know more about how to lead through change and uncertainty.

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