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Sue adapts all events to order for each client. She invests time with you to understand your requirements so she delivers an event that suits your specific audience and delegates leave with valuable takeaways.

Sue speaks virtually and venues for live keynotes, masterclasses, panel events and conference seminars. If preferred, she can prerecord a video session followed up by a live Q&A. Sue recommends live interactive sessions as audiences find that is more engaging. She uses menti.com for delegates to create content and vote in live events and for virtual events, she also uses interactive tools and video on the presentation platform. Sue works with you to deliver on your platform and she can host for you on Zoom.

Popular topics in 2020 and 2021 have included: adaptable leadership, working remotely, managing remotely and leading remotely. Masterclass topics contributing to successful adaptable leadership that engages and brings people with you included navigating uncertainty, resilience, wellbeing, the power of positive, understanding mindset, motivation and confidence.

It isn’t just that Sue brings together different fields and disciplines. It’s that she actively disagrees with siloing leadership and mindset topics. The difference she brings is her interdisiplinary attitude and the way that she gets you to look at your problems.

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Dr Sue Mitchell delivering a bespoke Adaptable Leadership Keynote

I loved the way Sue described that helplessness when you sit facing into the wind – maybe the way you want to go – with everything flapping and swinging all over the place and it’s not until you use the wind and go off at an angle that you can actually make progress. To someone who has never sailed it is counterintuitive but I think we’ve all done some veering off at a tangent in order to move forwards this past year.

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