For Event Organisers

You want your event to run smoothly and for your audience to gain valuable benefits and feel happy

Sue gives you this 10-point guarantee to help you achieve this.

  • A completely professional approach throughout so you can meet your event objectives.
  • An interactive, insightful and informative experience for your audience.
  • Immediate, valuable take-aways. Whenever possible, Sue encourages audiences to work with their own immediate challenges and situations so everyone goes home with ideas they can implement straight away.
  • Tailored and Relevant. Sue works closely with you and listens to your requirements to agree the scope and ensure content is relevant to your organisation, the programme and the audience. She brings relevant case-studies and examples to bring the content alive. Sue treats the information you share with her as confidential, giving you peace of mind when you need to discuss event purpose, objectives and the background about the audience.
  • Full pre-event and post-event support. As well as the briefing and scoping calls, Sue provides an outline for her session, bio and photo for your publicity. She can also provide a mini video, or interviews and copy for your newsletter or website. If desired, she can spread the word about your event to her own network. Sue can offer optional support such as online materials for pre-event preparation, profiling, additional follow-up sessions on the day as a panellist or delivering a breakout workshop, and post-event resources such as follow-up webinars, a private web-page providing delegates with content they created during Sue’s event and relevant follow-up materials that give delegates reminders of the key points.
  • AV & Tech collaboration. Sue works with your tech team regarding requirements for AV. Sue usually requires a projector and screen and sound for videos. She can either send presentation slides/videos in advance (which should be treated confidentially and not be made available to others) or provide her own laptop which has an adaptor to take HDMI and VGA cables.
  • No hidden extras or nasty surprises. All expenses (such as travel, accommodation, subsistence, cost of materials and resources etc.) are either agreed in advance or covered in an all-inclusive fee for premium packages that include more pre- and post-event options and full day attendance at a multi-speaker event.
  • Arrival well ahead of time. Sue arrives a minimum of an hour ahead of the start time at smaller events where she is the only speaker, for pre-start discussions and AV checks etc. Sue prefers to arrive the day before (and stay at the conference venue when applicable), especially when she is delivering an event in the morning. This gives you, the event organiser, peace of mind that there won’t be last minute travel delays or cancellations that could impact your event and you can feel reassured that Sue will be there on time for the pre-start set-up.
  • Audience benefit. Sue is available for delegates to network with during the breaks in her event and may be available before and after her session or for the whole day at multi-speaker events and conferences, providing your audience with valuable 1:1 conversations and advice when they don’t want to ask their questions in a large auditorium.
  • A post-event review.

Short Bio

Dr Sue Mitchell is the author of “The Authority Guide to Engaging your People” and specialises in mindset for success in work and your whole life.

She has led expeditions to remote parts of the world, sailed across the South Pacific Ocean, was an international research scientist, is a National Instructor with the British Sub Aqua Club, is on the Edinburgh board of Women in Banking and Finance, and is Director of an award-winning leadership company, Aeona.

Sue can customise her bio to suit the theme of your event and connect with your audience.

Got a question? Do call!

Need something from us to support you? Approved photos for PR or your website? A copy of our standard contract? Room layout preferences?  Sue prefers cabaret layout to encourage audience discussion and will discuss options that will best suit your size of audience and the available venue to encourage audience interaction.

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